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Tuesday, 02 May 2017 08:32

The Real Pete Kuske

Kuske STANDS Against Bullying

The small earnings from youtube videos accumulated over 6 months, was used not for Peter Kuske but used for the HELP of a lonely old spinster, who needed help. Her car had failed to start so Pete helped. From this he ended up back at her home and was shocked when she was living in a terrible state, to old and unable to fix lighting but spent her time using a flashlight to get indoors from the drive, during early winter evenings. Her washing machine was blocked and she would sit with a hose to fill it, and the whole gardens were so bad, she couldnt even get to the washing machine without a fight! This Pete considered was sad, this could be mine or anyones MUM left alone like this, so upsetting was this that, Complete NEW lights were put in, gardens a weekends work to clear cut back and tidy, and her car was fitted with new tyres and checked and put and passed through the MOT for her. FREE OF Charge.

Old Lady Before Old Lady After

The local church was collecting for there Xmas visit to the what they call the poorer region. collecting such things as tinned foods and stuff from others, what did Pete do?
Took the man to the local supermarket and gave $150 to the cashier and said, go fill your trolleys to that amount! FACT.

Peter KuskePeter Kuske is not a guy who, stands idly by if he sees any bullying or things wrong, not one to hide and say, well not my problem !! as most do. NO!. My gut and inner self stands for GOOD. And does and will act, regardless when bullying is happening, and on youtube its so bad its a disgrace, youtube should be held accountable.

Maybe Peter had a few speeding tickets over the years, but one thing is certain, he has No Criminal records, or done anything illegal!. He is one of the good guys that is standing up for good, old common decency.

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