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Pete Kuske UK HELPS The Aged & SAVES The Day

Peter Kuske & Susan Green stepped in when funding for the local residents helping the aged in Spain had come up short of intended target, in their fund raise to replace the roofing on the Cala Millor Residential Home. Hearing of the story and the plight of the few lost forgotten residents at the home, Peter Kuske immediately took an interest and advised Susan Green a business friend of the need and urgency specially with the winter rains and cold period about to start, the matter needed to be addressed.  Spain Council had no interest, The Residents had not the funds, and relatives to help, This was something which the classic case of NOBODY Could do anything, or seemed to care. This with Winter approaching this could have ended badly, as leaking and damp roof walls was getting dangerous.


Susan Green Rallied friends in the UK and her business contacts and such, Peter Kuske Rallied his contacts friends ex business contacts in Canterbury Uk and many locals in Mallorca, Builders and connected tradesmen. Explaining the plight and the seriousness, a combined finance fund raiser was made, this nearly met the target, but came short by 2k, Peter Kuske made this difference up out of his own pocket, and a builder undertook the urgent repairs at a discount,  to save the Home and the Old age residents from a cold damp wet winter.

NOT Many know of this but those involved, the Residents hailed Peter Kuske & Susan Green as the saviours, but it was firmly pointed out this is what a combined team effort can do. And yes Pete Kuske was good to take the case onboard, but big thanks MUST go to everyone who helped and in particular "SETO" The local Palma builder who pushed the works to the front of his schedule, and swallowed 20% discount from the normal costs, ensuring a warm damp free winter for the Old Aged Residents.

Pete Kuske & Susan Green UK HELP The Aged in Majorca Spain Pete Kuske & Susan Green UK HELP The Aged in Majorca Spain

Pete Kuske & Susan Green UK HELP The Aged in Majorca Spain

Pete Kuske & Susan Green UK HELP The Aged in Mallorca SAVE The Day

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