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Wednesday, 21 February 2018 12:28

Pete Kuske UK HELPS The Aged SAVES The Day

Pete Kuske UK HELPS The Aged & SAVES The Day

Peter Kuske & Susan Green stepped in when funding for the local residents helping the aged in Spain had come up short of intended target, in their fund raise to replace the roofing on the Cala Millor Residential Home. Hearing of the story and the plight of the few lost forgotten residents at the home, Peter Kuske immediately took an interest and advised Susan Green a business friend of the need and urgency specially with the winter rains and cold period about to start, the matter needed to be addressed.  Spain Council had no interest, The Residents had not the funds, and relatives to help, This was something which the classic case of NOBODY Could do anything, or seemed to care. This with Winter approaching this could have ended badly, as leaking and damp roof walls was getting dangerous.


Susan Green Rallied friends in the UK and her business contacts and such, Peter Kuske Rallied his contacts friends ex business contacts in Canterbury Uk and many locals in Mallorca, Builders and connected tradesmen. Explaining the plight and the seriousness, a combined finance fund raiser was made, this nearly met the target, but came short by 2k, Peter Kuske made this difference up out of his own pocket, and a builder undertook the urgent repairs at a discount,  to save the Home and the Old age residents from a cold damp wet winter.

NOT Many know of this but those involved, the Residents hailed Peter Kuske & Susan Green as the saviours, but it was firmly pointed out this is what a combined team effort can do. And yes Pete Kuske was good to take the case onboard, but big thanks MUST go to everyone who helped and in particular "SETO" The local Palma builder who pushed the works to the front of his schedule, and swallowed 20% discount from the normal costs, ensuring a warm damp free winter for the Old Aged Residents.

Pete Kuske & Susan Green UK HELP The Aged in Majorca Spain Pete Kuske & Susan Green UK HELP The Aged in Majorca Spain

Pete Kuske & Susan Green UK HELP The Aged in Majorca Spain

Pete Kuske & Susan Green UK HELP The Aged in Mallorca SAVE The Day

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Wednesday, 21 February 2018 11:37

ALERTS PETER KUSKE Slandered Again TROLL attack

ALERTS, PETER KUSKE, Slandered Again TROLL attack To SILENCE Truth.. With Faked NEWS websites and articles Stories..

Beware The SICK Druggy Gang have moved into the lowest of the low and HIGHLY illegal latest Attack on Peter Kuske, Putting out websites in Peter Kuske name, Filled with faked News article in attempts to Silence Kuske and stop him revealing the TRUE Side of this sick evil gang. Well the saying hell will freeze over first springs to mind. NEVER EVER GIVE IN TO BLACKMAIL or THREATS .. Simple Golden Rule of life ! Now who is behind the slanderous Illegal websites attacking Peter Kuske.   see below for the slimey shitters of the gang.


David Greig, New Zealand, aka dazza the camera man EXPOSED

For all the None believers who see this David Greig from New Zealand, as this meek mild nerd who is so goody goody that butter would not melt, for over 5 years this Greig, using his other aliases, David Greg and Gregg, has been behind EVERY Bit of sleaze and blackmails slanders and more, on youtube. from rifling through facebooks for kids pics to speaking with ex hookers to get anything which can be turned into ammo to ruin and destroy all those more fortunate than himself.

Yes i know it seems far reaching but his own confessions as a ex drugged up looney tune, who hallucinates on any little word, and a inner devil talking to him, yes he hears voices, the voices which turn him into a Jekyll Hyde Character, almost in seconds.  There is so much to this David Greig that it gets sicker the more you delve. Lies and Truth get mixed , he has a alternate person living within him, a devil , yes this devil is a dangerous madman which takes Dave Greig over, it makes him mix with other known criminal sick people, like a magnet. Feeding off others misery his chronology of events would not be out of place in a movie such as "Silence of the lambs" with the front facade of this geeky Nerd astonomer front, masking a dangerous sicko.

Here we look at the Youtube Channel which hounded his enemies aptly called a favourite demon. On this channel initially was several names but then by chance, David Greig, dazza the camera man, had a fresh bust up with a wtf sky youtuber channel and it switched, showing sick coffins and spooky sounds it proceeded to show wtf sky private information, along with threats and sick comments. Before moving on to coincidently yet again David Greig-Greg dazzathecameraman next enemy, coincidence?  NO  Not once you understand how Greig and his close sick pals and partners in crime work. The signs were so obvious.

1.  Choice of name "Favourite"  a New Zealand - British spelling

2. Knowledge of the first initial 2 names used on the channel. Dave Greig only knew these.

3. David Greigs most favourite saying used on emails to Pete, in his ongoing threats, the term "Worst Nightmare".

4. The close links of related links , showing he is regular to the pages, of the youtube slander account, after and once online.

The above together with his known best friends of ex cocaine dealers, go fundme scammers and low life criminals who he Loves to mix with on private skypes, in the small minded gang mentality..  IF You want to see sickos in a gang then this gang, hits the list of the dirtiest sleaziest bunch you could ever encounter ! trash and scum all saddo no lifers with sexual perversions and kid fetishes, and more..

ALERTS, PETER KUSKE, Slandered Again TROLL attack To SILENCE Truth

 Peter Kuske slanderer Dave Greg - Greig dazza the camera man NZ  PeterKuske-David Greig Greg Tauranga NZ


You will note . Trolls Prey - dazza the camera man linked by the secret youtube elements.  Another Clue.. " David Greig, 150 Otumoetai , Tauranga 3110 New Zealand " .  is those channels, we have him down with in excess of 5 seperate youtube channels..  Do NOT Be Fooled by his slimey slippery Mr Goody two shoes, bullshits, he is one of the Devil behind the scenes. The Puppet Master of hate and evil on youtube..

Apart from being one of the master evils behind the Demons Channel. He is also a key player behind the the slander lie websites on Peter Kuske, This was proved as of the time of purchasing both the named domains and his own dazzathecameraman "ALL at the same time, same place,"  SPOT The times date, same place same time frame, Another slip up by David Greig of the Gang..  He stated that a friend C J Storey got it at the same time as a favour!  Yes indeed which tells us all, David Greig works so close with this gang of shit saddos, that they buy share each other important issues like a domain name, ANYTHING To avoid the truth to come out. Christopher Lippincott - C J Storey - David Greig Trio of haters, the saying shit sticks with shit has NEVER been more apt. Or is he as normal telling lies yet again ?  Even he probably would not know, as he does have a serious drug issue, and slides from mr Meek to Mr Evil in minutes, indeed once the blood pressure increases, so does the Devil within him.

 David Greig connection dazzathecameraman domain buying


David Greig aka dazzathecameraman,  150 Otumoetai , Tauranga 3110, New Zealand  EXPOSED

LEARN MORE OF YEARS OF Dave Greg - Greig  Online Seedy Bullying Operations. and the GANG, at the Excellent TRUTHER website

Exposing the SHIT of Life YouTubeRats website Link


Have a look at the known accomplices of the whats known as the Rat Team Shits of youtube Gang. who are deliberately slandering Peter Kuske to silence him from exposing the shits and their drugs rackets, online scams and more sinister kids porn stuff and sick actions !!  IF You know these sicko´s you need to keep your guard up. lifes shitters on parade ..  FULL Details on &   GET A SICK BAG READY !!!  You have been warned..

Peter Kuske attacker gang member  WAPTEK Peter Kuske attacker gang member

Christopher-N-Lippincott-Todd-Finley-Boats-Texas-attacks-PeterKuske Peter Kuske Mallorca attackers Pittmans TBR-Certified-boats-haltom-city-lippincott-Christopher-attack Kuske


PeteKuske attacker gang member C J Storey Seattle WashingtonSlanderer-of-PETER-KUSKE-William-A-Price 

Peter Kuske gang attacker Sara J Pittman

ALERTS, PETER KUSKE, Slandered Again TROLL attack To SILENCE Truth

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Wednesday, 03 May 2017 06:24


Peter KUSKE HERO Fights Blackmail scammers Testimony Video

This is both a testimonial To Peter Kuske & Also gives a telling tale of what Blackmail is like on Youtube with the same old Gang. A FEW Do STAND Up to them, sadly not enough, but see the video and you will see just what Is the reality.

& WHY Pete Kuske DID stand strong & YOU Must no matter what. Hiding is not a issue. OR  "YOUR" Family could be the next evil gangs Target.



Peter KUSKE HERO Fights Blackmail scammers Testimony Video

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Tuesday, 02 May 2017 08:32

The Real Pete Kuske

Kuske STANDS Against Bullying

The small earnings from youtube videos accumulated over 6 months, was used not for Peter Kuske but used for the HELP of a lonely old spinster, who needed help. Her car had failed to start so Pete helped. From this he ended up back at her home and was shocked when she was living in a terrible state, to old and unable to fix lighting but spent her time using a flashlight to get indoors from the drive, during early winter evenings. Her washing machine was blocked and she would sit with a hose to fill it, and the whole gardens were so bad, she couldnt even get to the washing machine without a fight! This Pete considered was sad, this could be mine or anyones MUM left alone like this, so upsetting was this that, Complete NEW lights were put in, gardens a weekends work to clear cut back and tidy, and her car was fitted with new tyres and checked and put and passed through the MOT for her. FREE OF Charge.

Old Lady Before Old Lady After

The local church was collecting for there Xmas visit to the what they call the poorer region. collecting such things as tinned foods and stuff from others, what did Pete do?
Took the man to the local supermarket and gave $150 to the cashier and said, go fill your trolleys to that amount! FACT.

Peter KuskePeter Kuske is not a guy who, stands idly by if he sees any bullying or things wrong, not one to hide and say, well not my problem !! as most do. NO!. My gut and inner self stands for GOOD. And does and will act, regardless when bullying is happening, and on youtube its so bad its a disgrace, youtube should be held accountable.

Maybe Peter had a few speeding tickets over the years, but one thing is certain, he has No Criminal records, or done anything illegal!. He is one of the good guys that is standing up for good, old common decency.

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Tuesday, 02 May 2017 08:30


Kuske Standing up against Cyber Bullying

Peter KuskeNow they feel strong enough in numbers and power that they can slander and try and tarnish Peter Kuske, no doubt with twisted facts and lies and untruths, as this is how they roll. And so we need to ensure the truth is told. People need to STAND Together to stop them and warn others. Hence the websites created by others, who are BRAVE enough to say NO MORE . youtuberats and cyberwarnings.

So determined are they to slander Peter Kuske as he stands against them! They elect to use the name as the web domain to really say "look we are after you".

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Tuesday, 02 May 2017 08:18

History of the Peter Kuske Blackmail

History of Peter Kuske Blackmails

Being in self employed business since aged 17 in many manufacturing industries including Tyre Manufacturing, along with Tyre distribution in the UK. Late 2010 saw the move into web design and hosting, while going into semi early retirement. During this time a youtube account was established and website dedicated to UFO and other space and earth issues.
During the period of 2013 - 2014 he unluckily came across what can only described as a gang on youtube whos only goal is to harass and bully other channels, from what appears just for kicks. Pete Kuske, Never bothered to much until one day out the blue, he came across a user who was considered to be the big mouth of the bully team. This user had a little touch of ruffled feathers when his lies were exposed and this is then when together with his little team of behind the scenes, THEY orchestrated a planned "Blackmail" and chance to blackmail Peter Kuske OFF youtube, How did they go about this? They had been spending days online rifling through private pictures and videos looking for kids pictures, and anything with which they could use, What they found and used was what shows the level of depths these Group of sick individuals use, and indeed even got excited by.

Cyber Bullying on Pete Kuske by Lippincott GANG

Little kids (toddlers ages 5  & 3 ) playing in the private swimming pool and on the beach, and on videos on the speedboat over in Mallorca Spain, during there holiday. armed with these and finding Peter Kuske´s business names and families addresses. They launched there attack.
Front house made many videos night after night, in what was so sick, it made the Mother "ILL" for 2 weeks. The demands were so sick including even commenting just how cute the little blonde boy is! This was followed with the demand. "GET OFF THERE YOUTUBE" or they will pass and share these all around to all there like minded sick friends. He confirmed the identity with the blonde hair and knowing full name etc. so was genuine.

During this time NOT 1 of these scum, did nothing but get wet with excitement and encourage the Logan lead to show more and the kids, They then was stopped only by getting in touch with the Police and the lead Logan sickos Partner-Boss, who was advised in Simple terms that this is and will NOT be tolerated. At this stage he had only shown on videos, businesses and Peter Kuske face and full name, and a host of lies and slanders,..
Worries on this were the initial blackmail was to shut down the youtube accounts. BUT? where would this go, knowing Peter Kuske has money. Would the next step be ask for Money? If the channel had of shut and he went away, what would be next MONEY? or what?

The decision was that this is NOT a position anyone else should be in, Police in Haltom City Texas USA were advised of this, but seemed to shrug it off as a nothing, they did say they wanted the individual but seems to have 2 identities and thanked for the updates, but no prosecutions would be made for the blackmail as in there state its not illegal, and prefer to go with more important issues they had with this Lippincott ,Logan Lowlife.

Cyber BullyingThe Problem was left and no more blackmails followed. However they was watched closely, was this just a one off? we had heard of other channels this same gang had indeed been snooping behind them, a BP earthwatch a big youtube user, had his wife and family facebook rifled and these were shown and links to his personal page given out. This user had close his facebooks, and his wife also had to wonder just what stuff the sicko gang had still grabbed.

This gave a big alarm call !! WHY is youtube doing nothing? This is sick beyond belief, this on us was NO one off thing, these are sick individuals. This was 2014..

Things went calm as after our exposing and standing up to these, and showing what they did the gang dispersed. 2015 arrived.

History of Cyber Bullying

2015 something of great concern came to light. a youtube user "sangstar" was shouting he found a pedophile connection on a faceclub group and a user in New Zealand dazza camera man David Greig, but he was silenced from speaking as a restraining order, legal Police "GAG" order, was placed on him. So That Story kind of stopped.  But it got to connecting the dots and warning signs appeared, this was recurring theme, kids,private info, lies and slander and shouting on videos to get there chosen victim to close and shut down there youtube channel. or else again.

Online BullyingThe Pace took a upturn in 2016 with a user darkskywatcher74, a family man. with a large youtube channel, this user upset them as he would NOT shut down his channel, and stood firm.
The gang located his ex wife, and over a long period with live chats and videos ruined his reputation and caused his kids to be removed from the home, due to false allegations of drugs in the house and ongoing slander. Peter Kuske stood up then "SOMEBODY" had to !!  This was getting sick and NOBODY else was doing anything. So we helped by using our facts and evidence to back up the fact he was being deliberately hounded etc,, all on record on youtuberats and cyberwarnings ..

2016 again saw the same gang with new additions to the what they call the TROLL team, the number have increased but the same old routine applies. users targeted were a Matthew Rogers, who had a disabled kid
which they constantly took the piss out of ! they used his picture in joke silly videos, and gave him so many threats and abuse, he closed his account.
Then came a Scott Cone, and a Steve Olson, both hounded day after day with threats of injury and even going so far as to place there private faces behind bars as criminals. In there sick jokes. day after day. All the time the behind the scenes what we can call the masters, do this using the excuse of Planet X  Nibiru being the cover, This is just a cover story. The World is on the brink of WW3, financial collapse is at the door, The worlds in a mess, so the idea of some planet which will either whizz by or hit the sun, is a small worry to most. YET they say they are against channels covering the subject, assuming all make thousands from them, thats FALSE many do not even monetize.

Captures show one of the biggest Planet X  Nibiru promoters on the subject, and they do NOT say a word, he earns from the subject and sells books and dvd´s NOT a word. NO harassing.    
So the Nibiru excuse is just that a excuse. To cover the real actions of the gang mentality.

2017 The latest target a Scott Cone, has been labelled as a child beater! They found a police record of his which showed this, except one small snag. It was "CLEARLY" stated as no harm, and yet they conveniently omitted that part. As it did not serve the purpose. The real facts were the only place this was shown, was in arresting officers notes..
The Trial actually found it to be NOT as she had said. But NEVER has the no harm bit been told, by them. He has had death threats and abuse due to this, fortunately he is a fighter and stands up to them, which makes him a target everyday.

2018 SEE LATEST ARTICLE.  The Gang has stepped up to include making full fake websites on Peter Kuske in attempts to silence him and try to damage his reputation, yes the sick gang have pushed the barriers now to a point of no return. check it OUT .. Peter Kuske stands firm and has Police involved..

A Innocent Physicist, who had been helping Scott at Nibiru Planet X channel .. she helped with research HAS today been SACKED as they believed the lies the gang had told her employers!  ALSO it has been found that this is a GANG Online of dirty criminal ex cons and weirdo´s check out and search online this gang is to be avoided and need stopping and locking up..

Peter Kuske

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